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  • Height:
    5 ft. 3 in.
  • Body:
  • Ethnicity:
    Native American
  • Education:
    Masters Degree
  • Job:
    Social Services
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I am a educated woman with Christian values, whose priority is her family. I am a persevering person who has very clear goals and works disciplined every day to achieve her dreams. I have the strength to face problems with a lot of positivism, trying to seek the purpose of that obstacle, to improve my being. I always enjoy the present, while I build the future that I want to enjoy tomorrow. I love showing people that I love how important they are in my life, which is why I am very tender and affectionate. I have a totally balanced life, both in my body, mind, soul and spirit, I keep a balance in my life, being completely consistent with what I do, think and say.

What I am looking for

I am looking for a spiritual person, whose fundamental base is his family. A cultured and intellectual man, whom I admire. I feel very proud and fortunate to have him in my life. That he is responsible, disciplined and a fighter, where one of his fundamental values ;;is honesty, having the courage to accept his mistakes and the courage to change them and thus have a better version of himself every day. A man who seeks to give priority to his life partner, who pampers me and shows me all his love and dreams having a beautiful home with me.